LOOK Magazine - June 13, 1944


Cover : Cartoon artwork of Hitler and Hirohito (?) being killed by a long line of U.S. War Savings Bonds, Buy one of these bonds today, art by Fred Chance.

- Full page color Nash Kelvinator ad with men praying in the jungle, The Church in the Jungle, art by Fred Ludekens.
- Full page Bell Telephone System ad asking folks not to use the phone between 7 and 10 pm so that the lines are free for servicemen to use.
- Larry Lesueur's favorite war story, London blitz, mystery bomb delivered by parchute, art by Frank Robbins.
- Photocrime, solve it yourself, Jaws of Death.
- Letters to a Soldier Contest, winner John R. Ellingston.
- Why we are winning in the Pacific, lots of maps and aerial photos.
- Painless childbirth, Mrs. William Gelbach of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, caudal analgesia, Dr. John C. Ullery, Nurse Mary Degler, Mrs. H. J. Paffenbach, baby Diane Marie Gelbach.
- Mrs. Raymond Clapper writes about her husband who has died in the South Pacific.
- Full page color Oldsmobile General Motors ad with the Pugnacious Pup, insigne of the 355th Fighter Squadron, Army Air Force.
- Donald Duck explains Plastics.
- Sports of Island X, sailors playing on an atoll between battles, includes Jim Crowley, Duffy's Tavern, more.
- Full page color Kellogg's cereal ad with art by Frederick Thompson, What the artist couldn't paint.
- Lady marines see action, Marine excursion course at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point, North Carolina, Frances Board, Helen Cragin, Mae Kern, Rosemary Hopkins, Jonne Withers, Margaret Metcalfe.
- 39th in American Heroes series, Gerry H. Kisters of Bloomington, Indiana, first soldier to receive both Distinguished Service Cross and Congressional Medal of Honor.
- K. T. Stevens shows what to wear to work in the Victory Garden.
- Full page color Jantzen swim suits ad with art by Earl Oliver Hurst.
- Linda Darnell shows beauty treatment, baby oil and sun.
- Wendell Ehret of Colorado courts Gertrude Rubin from India with cartoons.
- Actress Ella Raines.
- Full page movie poster ad for "Home in Indiana" with Walter Brennan, Jeanne Crain and others.
- Jet propulsion, how it works.
- Movie review of The Hitler Gang.
- Singer Bea Wain, Deep Purple.
- Ten folks from York, Pennsylvania who answer Gallup Poll questions, Jacob Swemley, Harry E. sprenkle, Myra M. Parks, Erwin E. Myers, W. S. Shipley, Horace Brillinger, C. L. Bricker, Evelyn Warner, Nellie Swartz, Rosanna M. Kanneg, photos of all.
- Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Amphibious Forces, Hit that beach!

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