LOOK Magazine - January 3, 1961


Cover : Young man and woman.

- Special section : 50 pages on YOUTH, their drives, changing tastes, sex tensions and early marriages, they are the Explosive Generation.
- The shocking story of children behind bars, kids in prison.
- Feature on the music group, The Kingston Trio with great photo of them holding guitars overhead as they jump up out of a pool.
- Full page green movie poster ad for "The Grass is Greener" with Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr and others.
- Full page formal portrait of President Eisenhower as part of an anti-Communist ad.
- Among the YOUTH coverage are 5 full color pages of photos by Gereon Zimmermann, Pat Turner in Africa on an OCA program, Rudy Salinas, the marriage of Barbara and Mike Hankins (married at 15 and 17).
- Teen fads, fashions and facts, regional pages.
- Half page Teacher's Highland Cream ad with nice skiing photo of Othmar Schneider, regional page.
- Introduction to a sit-in, Margaret Leonard, Sissy, Sophie Newcomb College, regional pages.
- Lovely two page color centerspread ad for Super 88 Oldsmobile in red, passing horse-drawn sleigh.
- Ephebiatrics, a new word in medicine, hospital clinics for adolescents, Dr. J. Roswell Gallagher, regional page.
- A teenager tackles to atom, John Chamberlain of Evanston, Illinois, ionized atomic particles.
- Police arresting juvenile delinquents, names changed, art by Robert Weaver.
- Dallas teenage gourmets, cooking at home, Margaret Madden, Joan Nichols, Vickie Davis, Robert Hartman, Forest N. Hall ranch, Bill Agnich.
- How American are young Europeans, Birgitta Svard (Sweden), Marie Louise (France), and Hungary.
- Are we as modern as we think, sex and teenagers.
- Deborah Bernstein of Ridgefield, Connecticut is halfway between child and woman.
- Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Rod Triplett of the Squaw Valley Lodge ski patrol.

- NOTE : The West Central Edition has pages 36a-36d and 40a-40d, and includes Teen Fads, fashions and Facts; Introduction to a Sit-in and some ads.

- NOTE : The Mid-Atlantic Edition has 36a-36f and 40a-40f, and includes Introduction to a sit-in, Ephebiatrics, Teen Fads, fashions and facts.

Magazine Condition : Good (Mid-Atlantic Edition)

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