LOOK Magazine - April 15, 1969

Cover : Raquel Welch, striking cover done in pink (raspberry).

- How kids are turning off drugs, Jerry, Arnie, Nina, Tom, Martin.
- Martin Luther King, one year after his death, article includes Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy.
- Raquel Welch tells How NOT to be a sex goddess.
- Cute full page color Clairol Shampoo ad with freckled strawberry blonde.
- Another curious full page color Buick Opel Kadett ad with elephant, Mini-Brute.
- MANY letters to the editor pertaining to the Appalachia, George's Branch story in LOOK magazine March 4, 1969.
- Full page Imperial Hiram Walker whiskey ad with middle age guys playing ping pong.
- Full page Denver U.S. bank, with art of a man tying flies, fly fishing flies, artist signature might be Clayton, Regional M page.
- Two page color ad for Club Cocktails in pop-top aluminum cans, Regional M pages.
- Full page Volkswagen ad that has only newspaper headlines, "Is your dollar shrinking to about the size of a Volkswagen?"
- Full page Full Service Bank ad with attorney David White and jury.
- Rather wonderful two page color Simmons Hide-A-Bed sofa ad with lots of sofas in a big park with castle in the background.
- Feature on Romania with photos by Phillip Harrington, Rumania, includes Bujor Olteanu, Henry Mavrodin.
- Full page color Campbell's soup ad with bowls that look like drums.
- Warning : steer clear of THC, new condensed marijuana (sort of ).
- Full page color Puritan turtleneck sweater ad.
- Curious full page Prudential insurance ad featuring make-up and saying they let women subtract three years from their age.
- Jesuit priest Father Daniel Berrigan is bound for jail, something to do with the draft.
- Half page Permalize House Paint ad with pretty house boat the Penelope II.
- Ford's Lee Iacocca, the Mustang man, a maverick (boy, that word sure bring up political thoughts, huh?).
- Fashions : Today's together look, Anna LevinaHeidi Goldman, Craig Carrieri, others.
- Full page ad for Morton 3 course TV dinner, in color.
- Baseball player and performer Dennis McLain, will success spoil him?
- 1968 All America cities : Edinburg Texas, Savannah Georgia, Snyder Texas, Jacksonville Florida, Saginaw Michigan, San Diego California, Cottage Grove Oregon, Fairbanks Alaska, Danville Kentucky, Charlotte North Carolina, and New Albany Indiana.
- Full page color Maxwell House coffee ad with fashion designer Anne Fogarty, Regional M page.
- Dog detectives, K-9 Corps, Charles T. Art, Plymouth, Michigan, Thomas Hoffman, helicopter pilot Barney Statesman and others, Regional M pages.
- Why James Earl Ray murdered Dr. King.
NOTE : Pages 49-60 are the slightly smaller Dodge sweepstakes pull-out section in the middle of the magazine, it may not be present in every copy, please ask ahead of time if you need it.

Magazine Condition : Good

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