LOOK Magazine - May 25, 1937

Cover : Man balancing on two chairs at edge of tall building roof.

- Do you have nerve enough to be a Stunt Man?
- Mae West's story in pictures, highest paid woman, six pages plus center.
- Playboy Tommy Manville, how he spends his millions.
- Tattooing, the story of a strange custom.
- Is spiritualism fake?, can we talk with the dead?, mediums.
- Rather horrible looking full page cut-away model of child's jaw with baby and permanent teeth waiting below.
- Crazy full page photo of stunt man and horse performing a stunt they hadn't planned - falling 100 feet from a broken bridge.
- Lots of photos of crashes, plane into house, D. D. Roland human fly (buildering), motorcycle leaps, Rollie Lane and a parachute that didn't open (he died), lots of stunt men in action, they often even get to wear a protective helmet!
- Rare photos of Benito Mussolini.
- A day with Mitzi Mayfair, dancer.
- Thousands of landless farmers wander California's highways, migrant farm workers, really sad photos including child covered with flies.
- A page showing the sign language alphabet.
- Photos of Freighter Loanda ramming Dutch ocean liner Orania, and the aftermath.
- GORGEOUS two page color center spread photo of Mae West in Ooh-la-la evening gown and fur, with little Shirley Temple mimicking her in a borrowed gown, it looks colorized or hand tinted and is beautiful. (see bottom of this listing for a photo).
- Acrobats, tumblers at school, Berlin School of Acrobatics in Germany.
- This man fixes black eyes with treatment, make-up, Mr. Rocks Grillo.
- Stephan Pribil and his odd invisible rays to make things disappear.
- Astonishing series of photos of 15 foot Boa Constrictor snake striking a man, then coiling around his neck.
- Street drama : what would you do if a man fell to the sidewalk in front of you?
- Dutch boy plays with gorilla.
- What a housewife should know about getting exercise out of housework.
- Claire Trevor, actress, shows how she takes care of her hair.
- Back cover color photo is of Myrna Loy kissing William Powell.

Magazine Condition : Very Good

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