LOOK Magazine - January 9, 1968


Cover : Really NEAT psychedelic art of Beatle John Lennon by Avedon.

- Special Issue on Sound and Fury in the Arts, sex and violence in movies, craziness in the art galleries, Leonard Bernstein.
- Pullout portfolio of the Beatles, includes the psychedelic art (like the cover) on one side of the four page fold-out (one Beatle per page), with black and while photos of them in a similar manner on the other side.
- Full page color Salem cigarettes ad with man, woman and beagle dog on odd suspension bridge.
- Full page Chap Stick ad with large photo of woman on the Olympic Speed Skating team, no name.
- Gallery Art article includes Frank Stella, Edward Kienholz, Larry Bell, Kenneth Noland, Claes Oldenburg, Dan Flavin, Tony Smith.
- Movies : "Blow up", "Kirche, Kuche and Kinder", "The Sound of Music", "To Sir, with Love", "A man and a Woman", "Bonnie and Clyde", and others.
- The culture kick in Kalamazoo, Michigan, includes Eleanor Baum, Donald S. Gilmore, Kirk Newman, Prosper Bernard, Fred Mehaffie, Harold Dyer, Terry Fugate-Wilcox, harpist Susan Peters, Dwayne Lowder, Irene Kent, Jeff Ryder, Julius Stulberg - a great piece.
- Modern architecture is a flop.
- Full page color Campbell's Soup ad, "The Manhandlers."
- Art beat of the 1960s, the Beatles.
- Full page ad for the United Nations with tour guides Messeret Debebe, Thelma Steady, Renee Mery, Barbara Mayall, Mai Hakki, Ruma Bhattacharji, Gabriela Bollman, Kamla Singh, Masayo Suzuki, Lise Christenssen, Zakiya Powell, and Takako Johnson.
- Our false-front culture by Saul Steinberg, a collection of cartoon art.
- Irving Penn photographs people who define themselves by how they look, Hells Angel motorcyclists, The Mistrals, The Grateful Dead, the originals (hippies and more), the families (no names).
- Sculptor Alexander Calder.
- Architect Gordon Bunshaft and his work of art house.
- Fashions : poster dresses.
- Black actress Diana Sands.

Magazine Condition : Good (Generally VG, but one fold-out Beatles four-page spread is partly torn neatly along fold between two pages. Does NOT affect any of the photos or art).

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